Our Solution

Benni is designed to provide businesses with access to a range of employee benefits and perks. Benefits can be paid by the employer, employees or a combination of the two.

Because they can be employee-paid and payroll deducted from post-tax salary, employers are able to provide a broader benefits offering to all their people - whatever their role and seniority - without having to substantially change the way they manage their workforce and operations.

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A super simple process

solution-icon-1Employers choose the benefits they want to offer from our portfolio of benefit options.

solution-icon-2We help engage and educate your people with proactive support in the workplace and communications tools.

solution-icon-3Your employees get access to our easy to use, mobile-friendly benefits platform.

solution-icon-4Your employees understand their benefit options and are empowered to choose the benefits they want - and everybody wins!

Our friendly and knowledgeable Benefit Engagement Specialists develop a tailored communication and engagement plan for each employer, and complement this with onsite one-to-one support for their employees during the benefit window.

Employers administer their benefits on our easy-to-use digital platform and complete just a few simple tasks – like updating which employees leave and join - while having access to data on the benefits their staff choose.

A simple, efficient and powerful platform for your HR team


Simple configuration

Create and manage benefits schemes quickly using our 'Configurator'.

Tailored benefits

Accommodate entitlements for different grades, business divisions or contractual elements.

Mixed schemes

Can include a mix of employee-paid, company-paid or flex benefits.

Powerful functionality

Can allow buying and selling holiday selections, Total Reward Solutions and online payslips.


ISO27001 accredited and GDPR compliant.

Branded platform

With your company logo, images and colours.


A win for employers and employees

As well as potentially helping you attract and keep people who feel valued by a company that cares for them, Benni can also help employers manage costs as well as actively educating employees about the value of the benefits they receive.

Benni also benefits your employees by offering:


A range of benefits from trusted providers that protect your employees’ health and can save them money every day through access to retail discounts.


Benefits can be managed from any digital device, at work or from home.


Employees can pick the benefits that matter most to them, their lifestyle, ambitions and budget.

Easy and convenient enrolment process for your people

Staff choose benefits on their PC, tablet or phone.
Simple product summaries and guides make it easy to learn about what's available to them.

Capability to offer flexible options, e.g. basic level of company-paid cover and option to 'top-up'. Or offer a 'flex-pot' - staff given monthly allowance to choose products that suit their lifestyle and personal circumstances.