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How and when to communicate with your staff about their benefits

Communication is key in any company. So, when it comes to letting your staff know about their benefits, what’s the best way to get in touch?

If you have a new employee benefits package, new staff joining, or if it’s been a while since you last sent a reminder, you may want to let your staff know what they are entitled to.

Stand-up meetings
A great way to start the week, and a prime opportunity to remind staff about their benefits.

One to one meetings
A face to face conversation with an employee gives them and you a chance to explore in detail what is on offer.

Benefit fayres
Invite employees to a fayre and you can explain their benefits to them face-to-face in a casual setting. Host your benefit fayre on a day when all or most staff are in the office, and advertise it ahead of time.

Simple, traditional, but still effective, a poster is a great way to reach a large resident workforce and staff who only visit the office intermittently.

Like posters, noticeboards can help you communicate with staff who work outside of normal office hours.

Emails leave a paper trail, meaning staff can refer to them months or years down the line. You can also attach supplementary information, giving people everything they need to know about their benefits in one place.

Intranet articles
An intranet is an effective place to publish company news, especially if your staff log in every day.

Total compensation statements
A total compensation statement is a thorough breakdown of an employee’s pay that shows their direct compensation and money used to pay for other incentives, including benefits. It can help staff understand exactly what they’re paying for each month.

Webinars and video conferencing
If your remote workers have the technology, video conferencing, Skype calls and webinars can be an invaluable communication tool. Record your webinar so staff can watch it again later.

Social media
A flexible way to remind staff about their benefits, it could show potential staff all the perks they could benefit from by joining your company. You could also try posting on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook too, if your staff follow you there.

Senior management visits
When everyone is in the same room to listen to the company president or CEO deliver their annual or quarterly statement, consider reminding staff about their benefit entitlements.

When to communicate
It’s not only important to know how to reach staff, you have to deliver your message at a time that won’t interrupt their working routine, or when they’re likely to forget or ignore it. An interactive meeting will allow for a detailed discussion and a chance to explore all aspects of a benefits package.

Here’s what we recommend:

During recruitment
If you have great benefits, include them in your job descriptions. Not only could this provide an excellent incentive for candidates, it primes staff to remember their benefits down the line. You may also like to tell managers to remind applicants during interviews and while communicating during the recruitment process.

During on-boarding
When new staff join the company, it’s vital you create a good first impression. Take this opportunity to highlight their benefit entitlements.

During staff appraisals, reviews and promotions
This is an important opportunity to get feedback from staff about their perks. You can take the opportunity to ask whether they are using their benefits, whether they are happy with them and what they’d like to change.

At team or all-staff briefings
With all your staff in the same place you can remind them about their incentives.

Why not let Benni do it for you?
If your company joins Benni, we’ll help you communicate with your staff by offering posters, email templates and articles for your company intranet. We can even host webinars, group meetings and 1:1 meetings.

Not only is this a great way to inform staff of their new entitlements, we can teach them how to use the Benni platform and our app.

Find out more about the employee benefits available through Benni or call us on 0800 085 0518.