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Coronavirus COVID-19 update

The current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is a situation we’re monitoring very carefully.

Aside from the measures we’re taking to look after our people and customers, below is some information we’re being asked in relation to our business operations and policies.

How are your operations and services being affected?

We have very detailed business continuity plans which we review continuously in light of the developing situation.

Our top priority is to continue serving our customers while caring for our people and we’re confident in our ability to do this.

We’ve identified critical system needs for our business and have plans in place to ensure they will remain operational during this pandemic. We also have enhanced technology infrastructure and well-established business continuity plans for home working.

We’ll continue supporting the individual and family responsibilities our employees are likely to have during this pandemic while still meeting the needs of our customers.

Can you help customers who are experiencing temporary difficulties paying premiums due to COVID-19?

We do not collect premiums but we are committed to helping customers as much as we can. If you are experiencing difficulties paying your premiums as a result of COVID-19 then please email us at and we will be in touch to discuss the options available.