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Case study - SCCL

Caring employers want to give their people access to some form of employee benefits. But doing so can take time and money, two commodities that may be in short supply, especially for smaller businesses. Other organisations may want to reduce the administration involved or find the best way of complementing any benefits already in place. Or they may want to embrace simpler, digital ways of introducing benefits that match their business values. 

Here’s how Benni’s digital platform enabled an employer looking to start afresh to fulfil their employee benefit goals.

The background

Supply Chain Coordination Limited (SCCL) is the management function for NHS Supply Chain. SCCL is a limited company, wholly owned by the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, and is part of the NHS family. SCCL is responsible for ensuring that clinically-assured, high quality products are procured at the best value for the NHS, while using a sustainable approach. They have around 400 employees across 4 UK locations.

Though SCCL already had a Group Life Insurance policy for their people with Unum (Benni’s parent company) and other benefits in place, they wanted to expand their benefits package – providing their employees with more flexibility and choice.

The challenge

Following their formation in 2018 as part of a huge transformation programme to consolidate the NHS fragmented procurement landscape SCCL inherited a legacy of three different sets of employee benefits.

Recognising that their current set-up was no longer appropriate for the new organisation, they started from scratch and redesigned a whole new Reward strategy, one that would not only meet their needs, but align with their values and culture, while enabling SCCL to attract talent from the right markets.

They also recognised the importance of communication to ensure their people were fully aware of, understood, and engaged with the new benefits on offer.

 The proposition

Working together with SCCL and their adviser, the Benni proposition enabled the organisation to add a range of flexible benefits to their portfolio, designed to best meet their employees’ needs and Benni was the ideal partner to help achieve their aims.

SCCL worked in partnership with Benni to overcome the challenges they faced in implementing a completely new digital platform. They also wanted an 'all-in-one’ solution – a platform and products from a single source, rather than multiple suppliers.

So the organisation could see how the extra benefits would be introduced and administered via Benni’s digital platform, the Benni team built a demonstration model. Not only did this allow SCCL to see their employee benefits vision brought to life, it illustrated the speed and simplicity of the platform’s management tools. Overlaying the SCCL branding added to the employee experience.

The team were also able to reassure SCCL that they would be there to support them every step of the way.

The result

Part of the overall Benni service is provided by Benni Engagement Specialists, who help businesses educate and engage employees about the benefits available, and the built-in extras and support included with some of the products.

Usually, Benni Engagement Specialists visit the workplace to introduce and explain the benefits, and answer any questions employees may have face-to-face. In SCCL’s case, the planned dates fell within the coronavirus lockdown as well as coinciding with an incredibly busy time at SCCL as the organisation swiftly mobilised, working around the clock to secure essential medical equipment for the NHS. As a result of both, the Benni team switched to virtual sessions. This flexibility against an extremely difficult backdrop for SCCL still resulted in Benni speaking to 60% of SCCL’s employees, while a huge 96% of their people logged on to the Benni platform during their benefits window.

The enhanced benefits package has been well received by SCCL’s employees, adding a number of extra choices to the limited benefits already in place, and enabling them to select the ones that matter most to them.

From the company’s point of view, Benni complemented the benefits on offer via the simple-to-use single platform they wanted, helping them to meet their payroll responsibilities and easing the administration burden.

Equally important is that it has helped SCCL become even more competitive in the market for talent. At a time of crisis, the NHS and the organisations that helped supply it took centre stage. As SCCL continues to expand, a competitive benefits package is a tool that can help recruit and retain talent – one that Benni helped to provide.

The company’s view

Nicola Gonsalves, Senior HR Business Partner “Benni has been brilliant from the start. The sales pitch was enticing, the development of the Benni portal, and navigating the complexities of the varying products was diligent and very professionally managed. This resulted in a Flexible Benefits Scheme for our organisation that is engaging, well supported by professional guidance, an accessible technology platform and ongoing account management that is brilliant. Thank you, Benni.”


Benni gives employers of all sizes and sectors the ability to offer more benefits to more people, via a simple to use digital platform, without breaking the bank. And where communication is key to success, engagement specialists can ensure that employees are fully informed about what each benefit offers and the extra support that comes with it.

Even if unforeseen barriers appear – regardless of how far-reaching and unexpected they may be – Benni has the flexibility to work with employers to overcome them, and help ensure their success in achieving their goals.