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Quick, easy and cost-effective benefits with Benni’s digital platform

Providing a range of benefits that your employees want is one thing. Making sure that doing so is quick and easy – now and in the future – can be another thing entirely.

Here’s how Benni’s innovative digital benefit platform can make offering more benefits to more people simple – from day one.

Simple set-up

Our platform is easy to implement. Whether you’re a small business looking to introduce or enhance your benefits package, or a large business with different benefits for different members of staff, we can get you up and running quickly. And once it’s in place, making changes on the Benni digital platform is just as straightforward.


The digital platform comes as an integral part of Benni, which offers a choice of cost packages to suit all budgets. Costs are based on the number of products you select and whether they’re funded by you, your employees, or part-funded by both.

Payroll simplification

Benni’s digital platform is designed to reduce your workload, by streamlining administrative tasks like adding voluntary contributions to pension schemes or holiday buy/sell schemes. Your employees can also use the platform to view or change information such as beneficiaries for a pension or life insurance.

Management information and insights

Benni does more than just let you automate employee benefit enrolment. You can also automate provider and payroll reporting, connect to other HR systems and access a range of handy time-saving tools like notifications that tell you instantly if something needs your attention. Our data insight dashboards let you see the take-up of your benefits in real-time to ensure your schemes are running smoothly and delivering value.

Robust data security

We’ve all heard horror stories of data breaches and hacked accounts, so Benni’s digital platform is built to the latest security standards. It includes optional two-factor authentication, data encryption, detailed audit trails and more to ensure that your data is secure for complete peace of mind. And as you’d expect, it’s completely GDPR-compliant. 


Benni’s digital platform is provided by Zest, winners of the 2019 Workplace Savings and Benefits (WSB) award for ‘Best Use of Technology for Benefits’. The judges praised Zest for their “easy to implement solution” that is “incredibly well-received” by the end-user. Our platform can also be customised with your logo for a professional experience and added familiarity.

Providing personalised benefits

With five generations of people potentially working in the same place, providing benefits that appeal to everyone can be a tricky task. With the Benni platform, you can introduce or add a range of benefits designed to appeal to all ages and lifestyles, and even include your existing benefits so everything’s available in one simple space.

Rewards in one place

We all like to know our true value to the companies we work for. Benni’s digital platform enables your employees to not only keep tabs on their employee benefits, but see their total reward statement (TRS) – all in one easily accessible and interactive place. And with Benni’s clear and transparent presentation, it’s easy to understand.

Easy to access

Once your people have registered, they can access and manage their benefits from any internet-enabled device, in the workplace or from the comfort of their own home – 24/7.

Engaging your employees

Our Benni Engagement Specialists will work with you to ensure that your employees understand exactly what their benefits have to offer them and their families.

We can carry out remote group presentations, present to your people in the workplace as a group and/or run face-to-face Q&A sessions. You also get access to a range of support tools to help you communicate your benefits to the right people at the right time for the best possible buy-in and take-up.

In a nutshell

Benni’s digital platform is simple to implement and helps businesses transform how they offer their employee benefits. Benni’s user-friendly set-up makes managing benefits easy for you – and your employees – reducing the burden of administration, helping to lower costs, and putting you in control. And Benni’s real-time management information lets you know exactly how your benefits portfolio is performing.

Employees can access their benefits in one place from any internet-enabled device, 24/7, at home or at work – allowing them to see exactly what their benefits bring to them and their families, and to make changes following a lifetime event such as getting married or having a baby.

To find out more about Benni’s digital platform, book a demo and explore how Benni can help you bring more benefits to more people, contact one of the Benni team:

0800 085 0518