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Help your people with immediate free access to discounts

In these challenging times we’d like to help by enabling employers with more than 25 employees to provide instant access to a range of discounts and offers that staff can use to help with everyday spending. These can be accessed via both a web portal and a mobile app which come from BenefitHub, a third-party provider of retail benefits and discounts.

There is no cost to your organisation or your employees for the service, and it’s quick and easy to set up. Access to the BenefitHub platform is being given for a 3 month period, is provided subject to BenefitHub’s terms and conditions, and your staff can cancel access at any time.

Normally the platform has a wide range of fantastic deals but there are still many deals people could find helpful right now including supermarket discounts, online chemists/health food, computers and technology, financial advice services, mental wellbeing services

If you’d like to arrange access just drop us an email at